Be with the future

From the crypto space to the real world

Experience using crypto in the real world using the GLOT token

Community-oriented management

All of our decisions, including token burning, service upgrades, reward amounts, and our future, will be based on polls from our community.

Launch of global tourism service using token for loyalty community
Setting up a no-turn and interest-free lending system for the loyalty community​​​​​​​

Participation in business

Investors can directly invest in projects by purchasing tokens and registering their request through the site.

Some of the most important programs of 2025

Signing a memorandum of understanding with influential companies in the crypto and tourism industry

The whole world is our homeland

All our efforts are based on the absence of restrictions on the nationality of our society

Our philanthropic programs are formed based on the number of loyal community and we make decisions based on the voting results.
Humanitarian aid to war children, working children and people who are victims of domestic violence.
Nationality does not matter to us, we only think of helping.​​​​​​​

Our status on the chart




Agreements signed


Our plans in 2024


Our plans in 2025


attracted capital


We at Global Advanced Technology Team are looking for a long-term plan where a bright future is felt.The main part of our research to enter the tourism service sector includes hotel reservations and vehicle ticket purchases.According to the plan, from the beginning of 2025, our implementation plan will be implemented in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar, which includes the launch of the system for purchasing plane tickets, hotels, etc., using the GLOT token and wallet. So we realize that we have put our main focus on long-term business partners.But in order to reach the above goal, it is necessary to have effective and long-term marketing and advertising, which has been started by our team.


glot token

Get ready to earn stable income without authentication from all over the world​​​​​​​

Our most important plan in 2024 is to launch a loyalty society.
where you will receive your monthly salary according to our plan.
In this system, authentication is not required and you can have stable income from anywhere in the world.
Introduce us to your friends to get started, the GLOT is the smart and dynamic way to work in the new world​​​​​​​


Presale:          0 %

Liquidity:        10 %

development:  20 %

Marketing :  35 %

Team :          33 %

Airdrop :       2%​​​​​​​

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